Suspended Crane Basket – Blade Guided

Safe and effective blade repair

The Suspended Crane Basket is basically a 2-person basket workstation lifted into operation via the nacelle crane and stabilized around the blade. The basket can be raised and lowered as the work progresses.

​Benefits of the Suspended Crane Basket

  • ​Safe working environment
  • Easy and fast setup
  • Maximum uptime
  • Space for two technicians and tools
  • Blade-guided access
  • Optional DNV GL certification

Safe workspace

Due to the blade-guided design the technicians follow the contours and dynamics of the blade, and remain at the same distance from the blade at all times. The suspended crane basket is a stable and comfortable workstation, which enables technicians to perform service and maintenance work safely and effectively.

​Easy and fast setup

The basket is stored on-site at ground base and is easily lifted into operation via the nacelle crane and attached to the blade. Expensive, difficult and time-consuming transport of equipment is a thing of the past.

​More working hours on the blade

Setup and transport are easy and fast, offering more hours to work on the blade, which is especially important offshore. There is plenty of space for two technicians and tools in the basket, enabling technicians to perform even complex tasks while on the blade.

Suspended Crane Basket

  • ​Crane operated 2-people riding basket for blade access
    – Designed for wind turbine blade maintenance and inspection – Onshore & Offshore
  • ​Non-corrosive fiber composite and stainless steel structure
  • ​Withstands harsh offshore environment
  • ​DNV GL certification

​Safe and stable workspace

  • ​Compact, simple and comfortable
  • ​Stable Blade-Guided design – technicians follow dynamics of the blade
  • ​Fits two technicians and tools

Easy and fast setup

  • ​No transportation time
  • ​Lifted into operation via nacelle crane
  • ​Real time test: 20 min. from rigging at ground level to blade interface​


  • ​Main dimensions
    – ​Width: 2564 mm
    ​- Height: 3191 mm
    ​- Depth: 889 mm (basket depth)​
  • Person freestanding height at 2100 mm
  • ​Total Net Weight: 221 kg
  • ​Total Weight: 495 kg (incl. pay load)
  • ​Corrosion grade: C5 high​

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