Blade Access Platform FFB360

Perform Complex Wind Turbine Blade Service and Repair

Perform complex repairs and maintenance work on wind turbine blades from a safe and comfortable blade access platform.

The FFB360 Blade Access Platform is essentially a U-shaped platform, which, like an external elevator, runs up the wind turbine tower and is then pulled out onto and secured to the blade.

The unique blade-guided design ensures that service staff are at an equal distance to the blade at all times, enabling technicians to perform even complex tasks safely and effectively.

The blade platform is designed for both Onshore & Offshore blade access. The modular design and the integrated hoist system make transport and installation easy and cost-effective – both on land and at sea.​

Safe and efficient Blade Access

  • ​Blade-guided Access
  • Controlled working position towards the blade
  • High movable load capacity – up to 4 operators / technicians and tools
  • Safe workspace with automatic levelling
  • Easy to transport on land and at sea
  • Designed for Onshore & Offshore use

Working range of the blade platform​

The blade access system is extremely flexible and can be adjusted to operate on any type and brand of wind turbine blade and regardless of the distance to the tower.

The blade platform moves along the outer third of the blade’s length and allows blade service and repair on the leading edge all the way to the tip. This modular blade inspection platform is truly universal and the perfect match for both On- & Offshore blade service and repair.

Controlled & exact working position towards the blade

The automatic levelling feature allows platform operators to level the blade platform at the push of a button – wind turbine blade service has never been safer. Starting from the tip of the blade and up, users can maneuver the FFB360 blade platform to the exact working position.

​Cost-effective transport and set-up – On- & Offshore

The modular design of the access platform allows easy transport on land and at sea. The FFB360 blade platform can be transported on a specially designed trailer on land and easily hoisted onto the deck of a ship.

The platform’s integrated hoist system omits the need for cranes and other expensive equipment.

Transportation and installation costs are thus reduced to the absolute minimum. Offshore installation is assisted by a auxiliary parking platform. The parking platform is universal and can be adopted to fit on any wind turbine.

More working hours on the blade

The FFB360 blade platform is a comfortable workspace with plenty of space for up to 4 technicians and tools. The easy set-up and high movable load capacity ensure that the time available on the wind turbine can be utilized fully for service and repair tasks on the leading edge of the blade.

​Get your blade technicians trained to operate the FFB360 blade platform

We train your technicians to operate this universal blade-guided platform in our state-of-the art training center. Within only 4 days you will learn how to operate the FFB360 blade platform. The training course covers assembly and disassembly, operation, maintenance and storage of the blade platform.

FFB360 Access Platform

  • ​Blade-guided U-shaped workstation
  • ​360 degree access to the blade
  • ​Operates on any type and brand of wind turbine blade
  • ​Integrated hoist system
  • ​On- & Offshore use​


  • ​Independent of
    – ​distance between blade and tower
    – blade shape and length
  • ​Attached to the blade
  • ​Controlled and exact working position towards the blade
  • ​Operates upwind
  • ​Automatic levelling

Service range

  • ​Moves along the outer third of the blade’s length
  • Moves all the way down to the tip of the blade
  • ​Safe operation in LEP area​

Easy to transport

  • ​Fits on a specially developed trailer
  • ​Safe and low cost transport
  • ​Onshore installation directly from trailer
  • ​Total max weight 2.800 kg​

Integrated hoist system

  • ​No cranes needed
  • ​Hoisted into operation via anchor points in nacelle of the wind turbine
  • ​Driving up the tower like an external elevator

Maximum output and minimum downtime

  • ​High movable load capacity
  • ​Hands free – allows for complex maintenance tasks to be executed
  • ​Designed for in-service average wind speeds of max 14 m/s​

Safe and stable workspace​

  • ​Integrated gyroscopic system enabling automatic leveling from the control panel
  • ​Working upwind
  • ​Optimal working position due to 360 degree access
  • ​Easy to use

Offshore use

  • Possible to disassemble the platform into three separate pieces
  • Easy to hoist onto the deck of a ship
  • Assembly in less than one hour by two technicians
  • Max weight per piece <560 kgInstallation from auxiliary parking platform

Add ons

  • ​A habitat – a specially designed tent
  • Lighting – allows for operation during nighttime
  • Heating – allows for operation in cold weather

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